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  • Are torque wrenches available with spanner end fittings?

    Yes, a large range of these torque wrenches are available with a male spigot end to allow a spanner or customised end fitting to be connected for use with torque control

  • What is Torque?

    Torque is a “turning” or “twisting” force and differs from tension, which is created by a straight pull. However, we use torque to create a tension.

  • How does Torque Work?

    As the nut and bolt are tightened, the two plates are clamped together. The thread angle in the bolt converts the force applied into tension (or stretch) in the bolt shank. The amount of the tension created in the bolt is critical.

  • Why Use Torque Products?

    A bolt tensioned properly works at its optimum efficiency and will resist coming undone. However, if the tension is too low, the nut could vibrate or work loose. If the tension is too high (overstretched), the bolt could break. Every bolt has a correct optimum torque/tension figure for each fastening application. It is important to have these figures available so that the end product will be safe, efficient and economical.

  • How to Measure Torque?

    Torque is the result of multiplying the value of Force applied by the Distance from the point of application.

  • How to Care and Maintain Torque Tools?

    Store in a clean dry environment in the original storage case.
    Return the tool to the minimum torque setting on the scale as this allows the spring to relax thereby keeping the calibration longer