Programmed Maintenance & Calibration

Regular programmed maintenance of tools ensures their accuracy and prevents unnecessary downtime due to equipment failures.


We have the expertise and spare parts to offer repairs to your torque tools together with a report to identify the cause of the failure.

Sales of New Tools

Quality torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches and pneumatic multipliers are available to suit your job requirements.

Engineered Designs for a Particular Application

Xcalibration can produce one off designs to suit any specific application. Call us on 0429 053 553 or Email us today.


Xcalibration is a specialist in calibration services with a focus on the highly specialised needs of the torque control industry


Torque Calibration

All torque tools are precision instruments and should be treated as such. They should be serviced & calibrated on a regular basis to ensure the operator guaranteed accuracy and a tool that is operating at peak performance.

Our Nata traceable calibrations meet or exceed ISO 6789:2003 standards which are currently the highest international standard for torque wrench calibration.

Did you know we offer on site service? Please contact us to find out more 0429 053 553

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Torque Tools

There are numerous torque wrenches and tools available for many different applications. These vary from the humble torque wrench to the high powered hydraulic wrench. In order to choose the correct tool for the job you need to know the following:

  • The torque range the operator needs to cover The application the tool is to be used for

  • Speed or frequency requirements to perform the task in a timely manner

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Torque Tool Hire

  • Torque wrenches

  • Hydraulic wrenches complete with pump and hose sets

  • Nutrunners or pneumatic multipliers

  • Manual torque multipliers and huck guns

Tool hire can be a cost effective method to complete a project without large financial outlay. It can be an effective way of covering your short term needs due to unexpected downtime for tool repairs.

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